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Everything we cannot produce ourselves is delivered to the kitchen by responsible farmers in our area



Fresh trout from our ponds


Taken from five ponds directly into the pan – enjoy the well-known trout specialities like hot smoked trout, backed in a pumpkin seed crust, trout wrapped in bacon or with a Schilcher sauce.  Chef de cuisine Karin Rauch’s first commandment: “I only use homelike products in the kitchen”.


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Every spring (late April to mid-June) we harvest fresh asparagus in our fields.  You cannot enjoy the vegetable of royalty fresher anywhere else.  The next harvest is definitely on its way. As a speciality, we present the first (and probably only) asparagus schnapps in Austria.


The “culinary pumpkin weeks” are in the summer (early August).  At that time everything is about the biggest berry in the world – the pumpkin.  They grow – like many other types of vegetables – in the vegetable field behind the building. We also make our own pumkin seed oil. Tast it - you´ll enjoy.

In the autumn the forester of the earl, Mr Fladenhofer, brings finest deers into the kitchen.  Karin Rauch conjures magnificent dishes with venison and wild boar on the plates and delights gourmets from near and far.

In addition, we prefer to use raw products from the region and follow the principle of short routes of transport.  Luckily that is very easy for us, for instance with Styria Beef from the Smolana family in Trahuetten, rabbits from Julie Messner in Bad Gams, veal from the Müller family in St. Peter in Sulmtal, dairy products from the dairy in Stainz, cheese from Deutschmann and Masser’s cheese farm...