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A Styrian wine inn 

Steirischer Wein


We – and our partners from the Styrian Wine Inns – stand for the love of Styrian wine and food, freshness of the products used from local farms and special attention to region roots, conscious of tradition and “in”.

Together we publish the “Styrian Wine News”, a clearly arranged and competent journal all about the “culinary wine Styria”.  In it you will find portraits of more than 60 vintagers and lot of tips for discovering the Styrian wine country.  Just let us know and we will send you a free copy.  Or you can come to us and try the young, fresh Syrian wines at the one-of-a-kind “Culinary Wine Spring of the Styrian Wine Inns” at the castle of Stainz.  The best wine tasting in the Styrian wine country, always two weeks before Easter.

Link-Tipp: www.weinblattl.at

Bester steirischer Wein



In 1999 Willi Rauch acquired the official licence to taste (and drink) wine by successfully passing the examination for certified sommeliers.  It is therefore guaranteed that only the best Styrian wines are offered by Rauch-Hof.