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Best products from the “Styrian wine country”

Schriebl farm

This exemplary manufacturer with excellent products lies on the Marhofer hiking trail of enjoyment, approximately 2 kilometres from Rauch-Hof.  The biologically-run farm owned by the Schriebl family is always worth visiting.  the cosy rustic must local invites you to tarry with shady trees from spring to autumn.  Wonderful schnapps (pear, apple, plum), smoked meat, sausages, marmalades and much more can be purchased, of course.   



You will also find the exquisite bakery “Der Marhofmüller” in Marhof.  The region has always enjoyed the best bread without any chemical additives, which no wine tasting in the Land of Schilcher can do without.  Drive there and taste it.