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The Land of Schilcher

All-around – a lot to experience!



Not far from us, steep vineyards, wine locals located in a beautiful area and a singular wine – the “Schilcher” – await visitors.  Cyclists and runners can choose amongst tours on the plain, in the hills or even all the way up on the alp.  The same is true for hikers, on clearly marked hiking paths, of course.  One of the highlights is the hiking trail of enjoyment, which begins just in front of our door.  It offers the possibility to taste regional specialities right at several farms, for instance Schilcher and the pumpkin seed oil scrambled eggs.


Stainz, the heart of the Schilcher country with Archduke Johann’s castle and the famous “Flascherlzug”, lies just two kilometres away.

Cafés, museums and a colourful business scene invite you to visit Stainz.  A wonderful wine tasting centre, the “Weinhaus Stainz”, has just opened.  A beautiful meeting spot for all wine-lovers with competent consultation and a stylish ambient.  You just have to visit it!!!!!

More Information: www.schilcherland.com